So far, so good! I’ve survived the first two days of Inktober. Don’t laugh. Pen and ink drawing is really a challenge for me.

The prompt for Day 2 was tranquil. Originally I thought of drawing a tranquil scene… you know, a typical quiet-lake-surrounded-by-trees sort of scene. But I do that sort of scene so often. It didn’t seem very imaginative.

And then a thought struck me. Ouch! Sometimes those thoughts can hurt when they strike, so beware! Fortunately, this thought wasn’t painful in the least. It was actually quite pleasant.

Inktober 2 Tranquil (2)I enjoyed drawing this far away look at the Sea of Tranquility, and yes, I misspelled mare tranquillitatis. That’s the thing about ink, you know. I couldn’t go back and correct my mistake. I could have started over, but this is an educational experience, and now I’ve learned to spell mare tranquillitatis.

Here’s a bit more info:

Mare Tranquillitatis is a dark spot located in the northern hemisphere of the moon. The sea is not a body of water but a lower-altitude plain. As a result of earlier periods of lunar volcanism, it is filled with dark, solidified lava.

The Sea of Tranquility was the landing site of Apollo 11 and the location of man’s first walk on the lunar surface.

So, now you know!

Are you taking part in INKTOBER?




    1. I hope you can do a few drawings! Last year I fell behind — too many other things going on — and never could catch up. I’m going to try to make it through the whole month this time.

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