Isn’t it amazing how quickly good intentions can go flying right out the window? I looked forward to Inktober this year, thinking that I would really do my best, that I would have fun doing it, and that I would improve my drawing skills.

Oh, my! What was I thinking?

My first two days of Inktober drawing were anything but inspired. They certainly weren’t creative by any stretch of the imagination, and while I enjoyed doing my mushrooms and my lunar landing spot, they were nothing more than quick sketches. I didn’t get into that zone or go with any flow. I just hurried through those drawings, eager to be done with it.

Yes, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Inktober frightens me. I’m getting better at drawing, but I’ll never be very comfortable with pen and ink, and right now, I’m feeling really down and discouraged about art.

Lately I haven’t liked anything I’ve done. I’m going through one of those artistic low points where I’m learning a lot but my skills haven’t yet caught up with the knowledge I’ve gained. I’m trying new things, and as often as not, I’m failing. Or so it seems. I know my mistakes and failures are merely steps in the right direction, and that I can’t succeed without them, yet it’s discouraging all the same.

And it’s only the third day of Inktober!

I’m not going to let it get me down. Instead, I’ve resolved to enjoy the process rather than worry about what I draw each day. No one expects me to come up with works of art, so why should I expect it from myself?

So now, having roasted  myself — I actually thought of doing a self-portrait for today’s prompt, which in case you’re not aware is roasted — I chose the perennial favorite for the upcoming season.

Inktober 3 Roasted

It’s a chestnut. A member of the Fagaceae family, and please don’t ask me to spell that again. The chestnut itself — the edible fruit — can be peeled and eaten raw, but more often than not, they’re roasted. Roasting chestnuts requires that the fruit is scored first to prevent the chestnut from exploding as it expands.

Those squiggly lines behind it? Just me having a little fun. And Castanea denata is the genus of the American chestnut. So there you have it. Another day, another drawing, another little bit of educational info.

Are YOU having fun with Inktober?



  1. Hi Judith, I can completely relate to that ugly inner critic showing up uninvited when you want to try something new… 😳 I one time drew that ugly guy and it made me laugh. 😂 Some times it helps me to do a warm up before I start with a subject. Like drawing with my non-dominant hand. Other times, I come up with little challenges for myself like drawing a subject with 3 different art mediums. I do hope you keep at it and find the JOY in drawing!! Cheers! 😃

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  2. Try to let go of the critic you. Just have fun when you draw. Sometimes it will be great drawings and sometimes they will fail. It doesn’t matter which in the long run.
    Your drawing on theme roasted is great. I don’t se the nut, I see a head falling in the drawing table and a brain that’s exploded because of the performance pressure. Your text goes well with that interpretation of the drawing. The drawing become a humorous comment to what you write 🙂

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    1. LOL! I love the interpretation. Thanks for sharing. Yes, sometimes my “cranky art teacher” (the name I give that harsh critic) really brings me down. I’m ready to start having fun again.

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      1. Great! Have fun and draw as much as you like. I have a friend that use to say -I can’t paint or draw, but I do it anyway because I have fun when I draw and paint. My friend can do bit very well but hve a unique style and it shows that the art was fun to create. So have fun!

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  3. I’m doing Inktober – but not by any rules or prompts. Just for fun! Probably not even every day. Hope you can manage to have fun with it too, Judith…..break the rules a little, go on! I dare you!!!! 😉

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    1. I was considering doing Inktober that way too, without the prompts or rules and without beating myself up if I missed a day or something. I like making abstract art best anyhow, so that doesn’t always lend itself well to specific prompts.

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  4. Judith, last year I made it through only ONE DAY of Inktober, but that was one more day than I did the year before! I’ve learned that sometimes the pressure of participation squashes the joy of the process, so do what makes your heart (and your art) happy! ❤

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