I’ll admit to being a bit flummoxed when I first read the Inktober prompt for Thursday.


A nice word, but how to illustrate it? I was going to do a magic wand, perfect for spell-casting, but then I changed my mind. Spell can have another meaning, and after a bit of research I came up with this:

Inktober 4 Spell

Maybe it’s not technicallydrawing, but it was fun to create, and there’s a purpose behind it.

From “Abracadabra – The Meaning of the Word

“Medieval folk believed in magic as everyday fact and any unusual event that they couldn’t explain was considered to be the result of some form of enchantment. They used the incantation ‘Abracadabra’ to ward off such bewitchment and as a remedy for poor health. The word was recited repeatedly, each time with the final letter being removed, until just ‘a’ remained. It was believed that the strength of the illness diminished as the word became shorter. The charm was also written out on paper and worn in an amulet or sewn into clothing.”

So what I’ve done is create my own amulet in pen-and-ink. I did this on Thursday morning as I worked at the art show. It was quite a fun way to pass a little time.

2018 Divider

Art doodles are a fun way to pass the time.

What do you like to draw when you doodle?



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