One of the reasons I’ve mixed up my Inktober prompts a bit is because I wanted to have chicken as my prompt for October 8 — our “Draw a Bird” Day. I’m not sure if my Chicken Doodle Monster really counts as a bird or not, but… well, why not!

Like yesterday’s doodle monster, this weird-looking chicken-like fellow was a lot of fun to draw. Again, I browsed around for a few ideas and then sat down with my notebook and let my imagination go.

Inktober 6 Chicken

For educational purposes — said with tongue in cheek — I’m classifying this as Monsterus chickenas  from the Doodlae family. Hey, I want to have fun with Inktober! Creating silly drawings and making up names for them seems like a great way to do just that.

Be watching for more doodle monsters coming up!


    1. It started last year when I did my dragon. I really enjoyed making all the lines and designs. Now I’ve discovered that I can incorporate some of those ideas into “doodle monsters”, so I’m enjoying Inktober a lot more now.

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