How to Make a Monster

Once again I’m interrupting the daily Inktober drawings — not to share any big announcements, but to give others the opportunity to have fun making a few monsters.

I was browsing around a bit and came up with How to Draw Cool Stuff — Holidays, Seasons, and Events  by Catherine Holmes. It includes these wicked ideas — just perfect for making a variety of monsters.


I think most of my monsters will be slightly more playful — and friendly — but I did have fun this morning playing with this idea and then thinking up even more variations I could use.

I love the “tube eyeballs” and the “furry” head, so those elements may be showing up in future doodle monsters. I will continue to add to this repertoire as I see different monstrous elements I can use.

Playing around like this really is making Inktober a lot more fun.

Cool Stuff HolidaysThe book, by the way, also includes sections on:

  • Drip Lettering
  • Ghost Cats
  • Halloween Creatures
  • Halloween Silhouettes

If you have young artists in your home, this would be a great book to have around.

I think it would also be an excellent reference for teachers looking for art ideas for different seasons.

And now, I’m going to go play a bit with my Pitt pens. I hear the monsters calling me.




  1. This is so cool! Perfect for an activity to add to a lesson plan about Myths, legends, etc… Love it! It is a great warm-up activity to introduce mythological monsters like the Minotaur or Medusa. With drawing their own monster, students make authentic and relevant connection with mythology and their life.

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      1. I think they will love a copy of the book! I am so tempted to buy it for my future students. Public schools do not approve anymore of holidays such as Halloween…but I can include the monsters drawings in a lesson about Greek Mythology… 😉 yes I am that mischievous…lol

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    1. I’m always looking for good art ideas — not only to help me improve my drawing skills, but for our artistic grandchildren. They love drawing and painting, and I think they will enjoy the “how-to” ideas in this book.

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  2. Judith, I just got two marvelous art books from NetGalley! I will review them before the end of the week. One is called “Painted Botanical Collage” the other one ” Your Year in Art! Right now I am reading them and experimenting with the activities and techniques in both books. they are truly cool books!

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