A funny thing happened on the way to creating this doodle monster whale. I forgot which way its fins should go, and I ended up with a creature that looks decidedly chicken-like.

Even so, Monsterus whalus was fun to draw. Instead of using my Pitt artist pens, I happened to grab a blue Sharpie — and seeing this bright blue monster appear put a smile on my face.

Monsterus Whalus

Now, for today’s educational information, yes, there actually is a blue whale which can grow to be almost 100 feet long. It is said to be the largest animal to have ever existed.

I’ve learned something else, too. Drawing with colored inks is fun! I think I’ll probably pick up a few more Sharpies today — in lots of different colors. Creating colorful doodle monsters will be even more fun than the black-and-white drawings I’ve made in the past.

Happy Inktober!



  1. Love it! It looks like a creature you might find in drawings of fictional creatures from a 17th Century book! Or from The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges? Have you ever read it? I bought it a few years ago and I loved it. After seeing your drawing, I want to read it again!

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      1. So cool ! Did you find it only in Spanish or also in English? I might have to use Google Translate to speed up the reading process. 🙂 yes, Italian and Spanish are similar but not that similar at 7 a.m. lol
        Now, I so want to read it again and review it.

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