For the Inktober prompt scorched, several different ideas came to mind. In the end, I decided to create a new doodle monster of sorts. Unlike my other monsters, this one has no arms or legs, no definable body. Like fire itself, it’s hard to say where it begins and ends. It’s always moving.


One reason I wanted to make this Monsterus fuegus is because of the new set of Sharpies I recently bought. As it turns out though, I’m not happy with the purchase. I bought ultra-fine point Sharpies — which I thought I would like — and I’m wishing now I’d bought regular ones.

Because of the fine points, I didn’t attempt to finish the coloring. I considered getting out my watercolors but then decided to leave Scorched as is. Again, I think of fire as always in motion. It’s not a solid thing, really. There’s also the fact that fire releases both heat and light, so maybe it’s logical to have the white light showing through.

I wanted to play a bit with colors, and I wanted to make a happy monster, so I gave him a smile, a feline-like nose, and I couldn’t resist adding in freckles.

I doubt that many people think of fire as something happy, but think of it in terms of light and warmth. Think of all the happiness a cozy fireplace brings.

Fire is an important element in our world. While it can be destructive, it is also useful when controlled. It has been used for heating, cooking, and lighting.

Here’s a little more info: Fun Fire Facts for Kids



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