As always, I had several thoughts for this Inktober prompt — breakable. A shattered mirror, delicate china teacups, lovely plates and saucers, an exquisite glass vase. All can be so easily broken. Trust, too, can be broken, and all too often hearts are broken.

Wanting to use my colorful new ultra-fine Sharpies, I chose the heart. I chose it, too, because of the opportunity it offered to fashion different designs, different shapes, different thoughts and emotions that can all be held within our hearts.

Inktober 20 Breakable (2)

It’s a bit misshapen as love is never completely perfect, and along with the pain of heartbreak, there are happy memories intertwined. There are many reminders of what love is all about, and while there is uncertainty and a certain amount of ambiguity within the symbolism, there is also hope. The pieces don’t quite fit together — an intentional aspect of the design on my part — because love isn’t easy. It requires a bit of effort to make it work.

Hidden within this heart are symbols of things said and things left unsaid, of things seen, of things heard. There’s also — with a bit of imagination — a face-like image appearing within the jagged edges of heartbreak. It symbolizes that life goes on. Or maybe it symbolizes those who live within our heart.

Our hearts hold many things. Sometimes we wear our hearts on our sleeves as the saying goes, clearly revealing our feelings to all who choose to see. Yet even then, our hearts hold many secrets.

I loved creating this fanciful design of a broken heart. Even now, I like looking at it, seeing new thoughts emerge as I study the different pieces. In art as in life, the fullness of the human heart will always remain unknowable.

EDUCATIONAL INFO: According to the American Heart Association, the normal resting heart rate for adults 18 and older is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, depending on the person’s physical condition and age.


    1. That was one of the best things I’ve ever learned about drawing… how it can take us to that “quiet” place where we can be still and “become one” with whatever we’re drawing.

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