I chopped onions yesterday, so for the chop prompt, that was an immediate thought. I even sketched a trio of onions. I didn’t like the drawing, though, so I went for the next thought — a chopper. October 24 Chop

Actually, I’m not sure if my knife qualifies for the title chopper or not.

My husband and I watch Forged in Fire each week, and it’s been interesting to learn about different kinds of knives — choppers, Bowie knives, kukris, saxes, and so many more.

I have learned a lot of knife-making terms and a bit about the process such as making canister Damascus, file testing for hardness  and the techniques for quenching a blade.

I’m afraid my woeful attempt at knife-making with pen-and-ink isn’t going to win any awards. I’ll no doubt be asked to surrender my weapon and leave the forge.

Which is fine with me. It was getting a little hot in there, anyway.

For today’s educational info, here’s a look at the different parts of a knife, courtesy of Knife Planet:



      1. So curious! BTW your ink drawings are getting better and better. You should start drawing more complex illustrations related to the family. I see an illustrated story and/or a novel in your near future. 🙂

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      2. The simple drawings are fun and easy because they’re quick. The main reason why I used to be so frustrated with pen and ink was because I didn’t have enough patience for the medium. Last summer, though, I did learn to just “settle in” to drawing and view it as almost a meditative process. I didn’t want to attempt that with 31 different drawings for Inktober, so I just had fun with the little 5-minute doodle drawings. In the future, though, I do want to do more pen and ink drawings where I can take my time and fully enjoy the mark-making process.

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