Thunder and Friends

I have finished Inktober! My final drawing will appear tomorrow to mark the official end of the month-long celebration of pen-and-ink drawing. I have skipped around a bit with the prompts, so I’ve now played “catch-up” with several at once to create a plethora of monsters. I think these creatures all hang out at the same alien gym, and I’ve assembled them into a little quartet.

An Amorphous Blob

First is Thunder, an amorphous blob of storm clouds. He reminds me a bit of (a) The Michelin Tire Man, (b) the Ghostbuster ghost, (c) Pillsbury’s Doughboy, and (d) an overgrown ninja. What do you think?

Inktober Thunder

Double Your Pleasure…or Fright!

Next is what I consider my most gruesome monster, the Double monster. He’s one ugly head attached to two bodies, and I certainly would not want to meet up with this unprepossessing fellow, especially not on a dark and stormy night.

Inktober Double

Getting Ripped

My Slice monster was fun to create. I guess he gives an entirely new meaning to the concept of getting ripped at the gym. He loves doing calisthenics.

Inktober Slice

Caffeine Drinks, Anyone?

And finally, here’s Jolt the Ogre, the favorite of the monsters I’ve made this month. I will say, he’s a bit of a zealot about working-out. As you might guess, he’s a fan of Jolt caffeine soda. I’ve never had one, so I’ll just take his word on it.

Inktober Jolt

So, there you have it. A friendly but frightening foursome to finish up these crazy days of Inktober. It’s been fun, folks! And be watching for my final drawing tomorrow — a little treat for Halloween.2018 DividerAnd what of today’s EDUCATIONAL INFO? Well, they say it pays to increase your word power, so I’ve thrown a few good words into the descriptions of my monsters. Maybe you know them all, but they’re a few of my favorites, so here they are:

PLETHORA: A large or excessive amount.

AMORPHOUS: Lacking a clearly defined shape or form.

UNPREPOSSESSING: Not particularly attractive or appealing to the eye.

CALISTHENICS: Exercises designed to promote fitness and agility.

ZEALOT: One who is fanatical or uncompromising about a belief or position.




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