Happy Halloween

I saved one Inktober prompt for today. It’s the gift prompt. When that prompt appeared, I spent a morning making Halloween silhouette drawings as gifts for the grandkids. Here’s one:

Inktober Gift Photo

The colors are actually a little brighter than you see from the photograph. It was done by creating a watercolor wash using yellows and oranges on watercolor paper. Once that was dry, I drew in the houses, the tree, the moon, the bat, and the dark ground.

Blues and violets make another great color combination — keep it light for the best contrast — and along with haunted houses, you can also do gravestones, tall towers, witches, black cats, jack o’lanterns, and so much more!

Creating spooky silhouettes is going to become one of our Halloween traditions. I really enjoyed putting them together, and I think this makes a fitting end to the month of Inktober.



Happy Halloween!


    1. We only had a few trick-or-treaters, but that’s mostly because we go to bed so early each night. For us, Halloween is more fun when it falls on a Friday or Saturday night and we can stay up later. 🙂

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