A Little Bit Creepy

Trees. Ah, yes. How I love trees. I’ve always struggled with drawing them, so it makes sense that I would also struggle with painting them. The challenge of depicting trees in my landscape art has become even more interesting now as I move away from realism toward a more impressionistic style of art.

That certainly hasn’t stopped me from painting trees. Maybe it should. This most recent tree — a fun practice piece for creating a hazy atmosphere — turned out just a little bit creepy.

A LIttle Bit Creepy

I’m calling it The Witch Tree because I can see her scraggly twig-filled arms reaching out to snatch up some unsuspecting child who ventures too near. I can even hear her wicked laughter as the wind howls through the almost-bare branches.

This was fun, and even though it was only for practice and I’d planned to re-use the canvas, I think I might keep my Witch Tree. It’s definitely different from most of my art. I think it deserves to be preserved. Or maybe I’m just frightened to think what that old witch tree might do to me if I ever tried to paint over her.

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As an artist, author, and musician, I celebrate creativity and personal expression through all that I do. I invite you to join me as I explore many different aspects of life, love, beauty, and nature.


  1. Yes, it is a bit creepy…frankly speaking, on first sight I thought the painting shows an organ like a liver…and I associated a crime scene… But of course, I also notice the mysterious tree. It is interesting to look at “double-face paintings”. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Love it! I was scrolling down the reader feeds and I thought it was a human heart with arteries, veins, and pumps… this is so cool. keep working on it. It looks like the base color is there. Now add the first layer.

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    • LOL… so far it’s been compared to a liver and to a heart. Interesting. I can see how those thoughts have come about. So, what would you suggest I add to it? Different colors on the trunk? Guide me, please!

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  3. I actually really like that. It is interesting!

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  4. I like it. This tree knows who it is.

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  5. nutsfortreasure

    My favorite subject to paint is trees 🙂

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