Painting a Fantasy

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of winter landscapes in oil, and I love the soft, subtle colors I’ve been using. At the same time, though, I’ve been playing around with Christmas colors — different reds and greens, and using them to tone canvases. It’s part of my new play with the paint philosophy, and although I’ve had fun with my scarlets and crimsons and all my many greens, I’ve been setting the canvases aside with absolutely no idea what to do with any of them.

Yesterday morning my art studies got off to a difficult start. I did a bit of drawing and wasn’t at all happy with the results. Next, I turned to my unfinished Winter Scene and spent a little time adding in the rocks in the foreground. The results were all right, but overall I have somewhat mixed feelings about the painting. I’ll be posting it once I’ve completed it.

I also made an attempt at painting an old barn and shed based on the drawing I found recently. I was not happy with the outcome. In the end, I wiped it all away, and maybe I’ll give it another try… another time.

After a disappointing morning with drawing and painting, I needed to let go and quite literally take my frustrations out at my easel. I wanted to make a mess and where better to begin than with one of those colorful red and green canvases?

What could I possibly do with red and green? I had no idea, but I didn’t let that stop me.

What I had was a wild swirl of acrylic colors on the canvas. I stepped back and in my mind, all I could see were flowers. Lots of flowers. So, I grabbed my brushes and oil paints, and without giving too much thought to what I was doing or how I was doing it, I recreated on canvas what I saw in my imagination.

A Garden Fantasy

In many ways, my Garden Fantasy is my impression of impressionist art. I can see leaves and flowers, and I can imagine many things when I see this painting. I can feel different things, too.

Painting this fantasy was an enjoyable experience, and I like the results. It was unplanned. It was spontaneous. It was free. It also helped me shake off the frustrations I’d been feeling.

Although I don’t want to go too far from representational art and venture off into abstract expression, I liked how it felt to paint this colorful impression of a spring garden. I want to remember that feeling and experience it again.


  1. I love this very much ! Your sense of composition and movement expresses itself well in this painting and ones like it. You know , there’s no need to limit yourself to one style. It’s quite marvelous to have a range of expression and to surprise yourself!

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