Guess What!

For a long time people have been asking if my paintings were for sale. I resisted the idea at first. I wasn’tΒ good enough to paint something anyone would want to buy. I have given away several paintings, though, and they’ve always been well-received.

Even when I began putting art on display at community venues and art studios, I marked them as NFS —Β not for sale.

After being part of two area art clubs, however, I decided to actually put prices on a few paintings, to start believing more in myself as an artist, and to accept the idea that others may actually like some of my work.

Sold SignSo today, I’m excited to announce that I’ve made my first sale.

Which painting sold? Why, it was thatΒ camel I displayed yesterday. The buyer saw it, loved it, and pulled out a checkbook. I explained that it first needs to dry, get a coat of varnish, and then be matted and framed.

It’s a nice little boost to my confidence as an evolving artist. I did receive many positive comments about the painting when I posted it yesterday. Thank you for all the kind words.

So, today I’m celebrating a bit! And then later… maybe I’ll get busy painting again. πŸ™‚




  1. Congratulations ! You can let your viewers be the appraisers and critics! All you have to do is paint! (And I was tempted to make offers on the winter flowers and squiggly line landscape! We don’t display art on our walls because I like to watch the play of light and shadow on plain walls , but those two paintings of yours had me seriously reconsidering that practice ! )

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  2. Congrats! And your work is definitely good enough to sell! Ironically, I’ve often found with my own art works that the ones I think are the best and will sell right away, don’t, and some of the ones I debate about even putting up for sale because I think they suck sell right away!

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