Happy Colors

I haven’t been doing a lot of drawing and painting since my holiday hiatus over Christmas and New Years. Even so, the elements and principles of art — and design — have remained a part of my life.

Along with having fun by playing my favorite piano pieces — Wedding Day at Troldhaugen  is my all-time favorite to perform — I’ve been enjoying a coloring app on my phone. It’s called Happy Colorand it features hundreds of interesting pictures, mandalas, and designs to color.

Happy Color Design

I was fascinated with this design, as well as with the next:

Happy Color Design 2

Doing these pictures has brought back many memories, too. The reason I learned to draw and ultimately became an artist — for those who don’t already know the story — is because of a coloring book I bought back in 2015. “Grown up coloring books” are everywhere now, but at the time, they were still very new. The one I purchased, in fact, hadn’t yet been published. I pre-ordered it from Amazon and was quite excited when it finally arrived a few weeks later.

Buying that book led to buying a set of Prismacolor Premier pencils, which, in turn, led to my decision to try learning to draw.

Although coloring — especially with a color by number application — doesn’t exercise all the same artistic muscles and brain cells, I feel it’s been helpful to my development as an artist in many ways. It’s given me a chance to truly relax and have fun with shapes and colors, and it’s really made me much more aware of the concept of shapes and negative space. It’s inspired me, given me an up-close look at the design principles I’ve been studying, and it’s helped me literally see how to use colors for shadings and highlights.

Now that the winter is over and spring is finally here, I’ve been getting out more, going to more art events, and gradually spending a little more time with all those art supplies I’ve accumulated over the years.

I do have lots of fun art events to share:

And, of course, what I’m most looking forward to is just getting outside with my pencils and sketchbooks and drawing nature.

Coloring irises and other flowers with a cellphone app is fun, but our own irises will be blooming soon. I’m also hoping to visit Comanche Acres, an iris farm in Gower, Missouri. Seeing acres of beautiful irises will be breath-taking I’m sure. It will also be very inspiring!

Nature is filled with happy colors, and I’m happy that I’ve learned to see as an artist and can more fully appreciate the beauty around me.


  1. Enjoy getting out there in nature, sketching.

    I agree with the paint by numbers. I think they help in some way. I have used them once myself some years ago and I remember how I enjoyed it.

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    1. I think it was what I needed — when I needed it — if that makes any sense. It gave me a chance to think about art and enjoy what I was doing without worrying about creating something beautiful or being concerned about “messing something up”. It really deepened my appreciation for art in many ways.

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      1. Yes, it makes sense. I know what you mean. It’s remembering to remind yourself now to do this in future, without worrying about messing something up.
        Just enjoy what you see as you put pencil or brush to paper, while feeling relaxed and contented. Enjoying what’s around you, the quietness, if you are in a quiet spot while you feel the warmth of the sun.

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  2. I just want to thank the artists of Happy Color being 80 now and retired your drawings lift my spirit for the day. I love the prictures and enjoy sending some to my family. God Bless

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  3. I am 76 years old and I just love Happy Colors. Some days I have my day planned out, but during breakfast I “have to” do the daily picture. Then after I complete two or three other. Before I know it, I haven’t done anything and the day is almost over… I love your pictures and I love the Lost City pictures of. Keep it up with the great pictures and thanks a lot for helping me to lose myself in my pictures.

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