An Abstract I Actually Like

I am not an abstract painter. While I love abstract art, I’m only good at looking at it, not creating it. I rarely attempt abstract art, usually only if I’ve been reading about it or have been otherwise challenged in some way to give it a try. Other than those occasions — which are infrequent, at best — any abstract art I create is nothing more than happenstance, which is a long, fancy word meaning an accident.

Here is one such accident I discovered this morning as I was going through canvases and preparing to paint. I saw it, I liked it, I decided to keep it.

Flowers (3)

This was very much an accident, indeed. It’s acrylic on canvas panel, and it was intended to serve as a fanciful starting point for an oil painting. When I pulled it out this morning, I smiled. I couldn’t imagine painting over this whimsical, colorful canvas, so I decided to call it an abstract and be happy with it.

I wish I could say this was intentional. I would have been proud to have created this as an abstract. Of course, I did create it, although it was nothing more than a fortuitous little accident.

But that’s what art is all about, right?


  1. I find abstract odd, it goes against what I’m usually aiming for with my art. But when I have had a go over found it fun, easy (that lack of pressure to perform) and the good people of Instagram have lapped it up – they seemed to find much more meaning in it than me.

    Title it cleverly and this could be priced up in a gallery 😀

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    1. Yes, doing an abstract can have an easy feeling about it… no need to worry about getting a realistic likeness on the canvas, no need to worry about lots of pesky details like lights and shadows. At the same time, there are so many other elements to consider in design: harmony, movement, rhythm, balance. So for me, abstracts are still fraught with their own perils. I really should do them (intentionally) more often.

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