Looking Back

I’ve been sorting through a lot of old drawings and paintings recently, and going through my old art often brings a smile to my face. It’s interesting to look back now and see that a lot of my early efforts weren’t nearly so awful as I thought.

Finding this watercolor of an “Old Man and His Dog” definitely made me smile. Watercolor is not my medium, and this was at a point where I was attempting to paint people for the very first time.

Man and Dog (2)
Old Man and His Dog

I like the soft, gentle colors, and most of all I like the fact both the man and his dog are recognizable for what they are. And look! I even got a bit of shadow in the painting.

I had fun learning to paint simple figures in watercolor, and it’s fun now to look back at those paintings. It’s making me so nostalgic that I almost want to try watercolors again.

Note: Out of curiosity, I browsed back through the blog to find out when I painted these people. It was in June 2016. You can read about the process here: I Did It!


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