The Monkey Mind

I’ve been reading more from Awakening Your Creative Soul by Sandra Duran Wilson.  She mentions that somewhat disjointed, crazy part of our mind that tends to jump all over the place, distracting us from things we should be doing. She calls it The Monkey Mind. 

After browsing the internet a bit, I guess that’s actually a very popular term, although I’d never stumbled across it until this morning. It’s a fun way to think about all those playful thoughts that sometimes sidetrack our good intentions.

Today I’ve been playing with my monkey mind, deliberately bringing him out for a few little games. We’re exploring lots of different places, learning lots of new things, and having a very good time of it.

In Awakening Your Creative Soul, the author offers her own ideas for taming this monkey, and maybe during the week I’ll follow along with her suggested exercise. It’s going to be a busy week though, so that remains to be seen.

For now, to be honest, I don’t really want to tame this little beast. I’m having much too much fun with him. We’re jumping from tree to tree, grabbing coconuts and avocados, and I’ll be sharing the story of our adventures soon.

Meanwhile, what is your Monkey Mind trying to tell you?



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