Vintage Art for Autumn

Today our season changes from summer to autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s also the time of year when I always make at least one visit to The Graphics Fairy in search of freebies. Although the site has a premium membership, you’ll also find thousands of free vintage graphics in dozens of different categories. I’m usually browsing for Halloween graphics and sometimes for Thanksgiving ideas.

As you know, I’m not a craft person, but I do have a few basic design skills, so I’m able to use various images to create cards, party invitations, and other printed items. Today I’m browsing through the Vintage Fall Collection which features more than fifty awesome images.

Since my pumpkin painting project didn’t go quite as planned, I’ll be finding different ways to decorate for autumn. There are lots of fun pumpkin inspirations included in the collection:

This bright and colorful pumpkin will probably go on place cards for a holiday dinner:

Graphics Pumpkin 1

And our grandkids will have fun with this pumpkin stencil. Click HERE for a full size PDF.

Graphics Pumpkin 2

Or, if apples are more your thing for autumn, you’ll probably love vintage prints like this one:


Crafters can find untold inspiration at the site, and even not-so-crafty people like me can find great ideas. Sometimes, it’s fun just to browse, too.


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