Loose and Laid Back

TODAY’S SILLY SEARCH WORDS: Tree, fierce, clock, overgrown.

Cheeky Monkey Mind and I ended up sunning ourselves today in the southeastern part of the US, courtesy of the prompt words above. I’ve never really been to Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina but our Inktober visit felt loose and laidback. I imagined myself on a sandy beach, stretched out beneath a sabal palmetto,  watching the fronds swaying in the gentle breeze.

Inktober 14 - Sabal Palmetto (2).png
Sabal Palmetto — Ink Drawing by Judith Kraus

Until today, I didn’t know the difference between a palm and a palmetto. Palm trees grow tall, whereas most palmettos are much smaller. Palmetto trunks often grow horizontally; palms are always vertical.

The sabal palmetto, however, also grows vertically and can reach heights of 30 feet, which sounds tall to me, but it’s still far shorter than most palm trees. Those grow as tall as 80 feet.

The sabal palmetto is also known as cabbage palmetto, and I’m guessing that’s because of the cabbage-like (or pineapple-like) bark. You can see a bit of that in my drawing.

This was definitely a fun drawing to do. The only real difficulty was in knowing when to stop. Just making all those lines here and there, just making marks… well, indeed, it all felt loose and laid back. I felt that there really couldn’t be any right or wrong place to make all those lines. I could have kept at it all day long, but after a while I decided enough was enough.

Now that I’m in a relaxed, laid back mood, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day. Tomorrow Cheeky Monkey Mind and I will be headed off to who knows where, following another silly search.

CheekyOur words for tomorrow:

  • Relax
  • Mysterious
  • Weak
  • Legend
  • Tree

Hmmmm….another chance to relax a little? Sounds good to me!


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