A Sight to Behold

Today, Cheeky Monkey Mind and I followed a little trail that led to an expensive ghost tree.  Yes, those were our prompt words, and what we found is said to be a true sight to behold. Once you’ve seen the Davidia involucrata, so people say, you’ll never forget it. In fact, you might even become obsessed with the tree.

Now, I assure you, that won’t happen with my ink drawing, and actually it doesn’t happen just from looking at photographs, either.  You have to actually be present and see this tree — known as a dove tree, a handkerchief tree, or a ghost tree — in person so you can see the graceful white flowers fluttering in the breeze, like thousands of doves, handkerchiefs, or ghosts floating about the branches.

Here’s my pen-and-ink version of the flowers on the Davidia involucrata tree.

Inktober 22 - Dove Tree (2)

I’ve never seen one of these trees and I’m already obsessed. I can only imagine what it would look like to see those white wing-like blossoms!

The drawing was done first in graphite and then inked with a fine-tip Pitt Artist pen. One of the difficulties I had with the drawing was showing the difference between the leaves and the flowers. Since the drawing is in black-and-white, the most significant difference is the rougher edges of the white flowers. I hope it’s possible to distinguish one from the other.

With today’s drawing, we’re moving into the closing days of Inktober. Only nine drawings remain.

CheekyTomorrow’s “silly search” comes from these prompt words:

  • Slow
  • Juicy
  • Muddy
  • Ancient
  • Tree

I hope you’ll visit Cheeky Monkey Mind and me tomorrow to see what tree we’re shaking next.



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