All Right

I had high hopes for today’s Inktober drawing. It’s a tree, of course, a mango tree, to be specific, and I’ve been practicing lately on trees and all things tree-related, not just practice from doing these daily Inktober drawings, but additional practice time spent drawing and inking tree trunks, branches, grassy areas beneath the trees, and even a distant tree line, and I’m just wondering how much longer I can go on adding words to this already very long sentence.

OK, enough of the silliness, Cheeky! Let’s take a look at our mango tree.

Inktober 22 - Mango Tree (2)
Mango Tree – Ink Drawing by Judith Kraus

It’s an all right drawing of a mango tree, I suppose. I suppose the rest of it is all right, too. The distant trees in the background look a bit like rocks rather than trees, but that’s all right. All my little patches of grass are a bit scraggly, but that’s all right, too.

That’s what is disappointing about today’s drawing. It’s not the masterful work of art I hoped to create; it’s just all right. I’ve said before that these are more sketches than finished drawings, so when I say masterful work of art, I’m speaking in relative terms. In other words, I was hoping that this drawing might be a little better than some of the others I’ve done this month. And, I suppose it is.

I just wanted it to be better.

I wanted the trunk and bark of the tree to look more realistic. I wanted the shadows on the left to be stronger and more noticeable.

Of course, I should be pleased that I produced an all right drawing. There’s nothing about it that’s so awful it makes me cringe. There’s nothing about it so terrible that I feel I should hide it, trash it, or burn it. I should be happy that I can sit down, look at a reference photo, and with pen in hand — this one was done all in ink using an extra-fine Pitt Artist pen — create a scene that looks all right.

I couldn’t have done this four years ago. I’m not sure I could have done it even a year ago. It’s obvious from this that I have gained at least a little skill in drawing, and that gives me hope — hope that I can continue learning, growing, and getting better.

How did today’s prompt words lead to the mango tree? I truly don’t know. I’m guessing it might have been from the juiciness of a mango, but that’s only a guess. In trying to re-create the search using those prompt words, I’m coming up with persimmon trees, ancient oaks, swamp cypresses, and black cherry — with nothing about mango trees. So, I guess how we got here will remain a mystery, and I suppose that’s all right, too.

CheekyTomorrow’s silly search:

  • One dozen
  • Blind
  • Chop
  • Dizzy
  • Tree

Cheeky is insisting that I should draw twelve trees. I’m insisting that my crazy monkey has lost its mind, or maybe my mind has just lost its crazy monkey.

Either way, it will be all right, so check back tomorrow to see what — and how many — trees you’ll find.





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