All the NEWS that’s Fit to PRINT

I recently purchased a 14″ x 17″ newsprint pad, and I’ve been having so much fun with it! I bought it to use as practice paper for both my sumi-e lessons and for learning more about color theory.

It wasn’t long before I found another use for it — art sessions with the grandkids. This newsprint pad is ideal for family fun. I’ve already decided that several grandkids are getting newsprint pads for Christmas this year.

Eight-year-old Madox and I recently sat down at the table for a fun art session. We scribbled, we laughed, we created silly monsters and ghosts — getting ourselves into the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween Fun

Madox also painted this work of art, all the while explaining to me the concept of negative space as opposed to positive space. It’s good to see that he’s getting an excellent art education in his school classes.

Madox Trees (2)

For our Halloween drawing, we used a set of Sharpies. For the tree painting, Madox used a set of washable poster paints. I turned a large canvas panel over to use as a “drawing board” as we sat at the kitchen table.

So, if you have young artists in your family — or if you just want to have a lot of fun practicing different art techniques — why not grab a pad or two of newsprint? You can get pads in many different sizes, and while they might not fit in a Christmas stocking, I’m sure they will delight any artist!



  1. Wonderful idea and lots of fun to be had. Years ago, when my girls were little, I’d go down to the newspaper company’s offices where you could purchase whole rolls of newsprint paper. It was sold as end rolls that weren’t needed for their printing needs. It cost a little of nothing, and the rolls had so much paper. We drew on it, and it was also good for packing things when we moved. 🙂

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    1. It is so much fun to draw and paint with the little ones. And the newsprint sheets are so big that there’s room enough for lots of doodles! Getting it in rolls would be awesome. I’m sure you and your girls have lots of great memories of drawing.

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