A Grown-Up Play Date

During all the Inktober fun, I spent the better part of one day having a very grown-up play date with two artist friends, Patsy Albers and Darla Zook. Both are very, very talented artists who have won many ribbons and awards for their works.

We got together one Saturday morning, brought various art supplies, and we spent hours chatting, drawing, painting, and having fun. While Darla worked on a watercolor, Patsy and I both played with Elegant Writers.

The first scene I created was monochromatic, using a single Elegant Writer pen.

Elegant Writer Smoky Mountain Scene (2)

Next I tried using several different colored Elegant Writers to create this scene:

Elegant Water Scene (2)

Finally, after lunch and lots of conversation, I played with colors again to create this pastel scene:

Elegant Colors (2)

You’ll notice lots of wrinkles. These ink drawings/paintings were all done in a regular sketchbook, not on watercolor paper. It was an opportunity to play and have fun, a chance to try different things. When I’m playing around I like using inexpensive drawing paper. It gives me a sense of freedom — and fun!

In addition to the fun I had creating these ink works, I had a wonderful time chatting with Patsy and Darla. These are both women I’ve met through the art clubs I belong to, and while I sometimes feel a little intimidated at our club meetings and choose to remain somewhat quiet, when it’s “just us” having fun, it’s easy for me to speak up, to ask questions, to discuss problems I’m facing in my art, and to share my thoughts about programs and ideas for the club.

This play date came soon after the HFAA Regional Show ended, so we discussed the show, the judging, and the comments we’d received. It felt very good to sit there with these two very talented ladies and to be recognized as an artist in my own right, to talk about my winning paintings, and to truly feel accepted.

Like playing with my grandkids and newsprint, this was another way of having fun with art, and I encourage each of you to spend fun time with other artists — not just in classes or workshops but on grown up art play dates where the whole purpose is simply to have a good time together.


  1. Sounds fun! I have a good community of art friends online but sadly haven’t found art pals nearby, hope to find them soon (or move to a bigger city 😂). Wonderful experiments 😍

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