Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song

I love painting landscapes, so over the Thanksgiving holiday I spent a morning at my easel playing with the colors I had on my palette. It’s an imaginary scene inspired by the colors of dawn.

Thanksgiving Landscape (2)
Just an Old-Fashioned Landscape – Oil on Canvas Panel

Yes, I have an on-going love affair with quiet landscape scenes. I sometimes think they’re a bit blasé, quite ordinary and unremarkable, sort of like one of those old-fashioned love songs that “slowly rambles on and on.” Yet I love the softness of the colors, the feel of a misty morning, the gentle reflections of nature’s incomparable beauty.

And so I paint my old-fashioned landscapes. To me, it’s a love song in oil. Old-fashioned, sure, but I need a little of that in my life.

The music I’m hearing in my head is from Three Dog Night. I hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday painting and that you also enjoy this tuneful little “blast from the past”.



    1. Thanks. I’m doing a lot of color studies now… making old-fashioned landscapes and playing around with different colors/moods. And I really like that old song. I’m glad you enjoyed it, too.

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      1. I think if there’s one element I most often dislike about some of my art I otherwise really like, is it’s too harsh for my own taste, so it’s a real goal of mine learning how to mitigate that; fun too 😊

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      2. I think it’s always good when we can identify specific areas to work on. I know when I isolate problems I can direct my practice there and actually see a little improvement. And that’s definitely fun.

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      3. LOL… sometimes it does seem a bit similar to torture, for sure. Especially with music, there would be days when I was asking myself that same question. “Why am I torturing myself this way?” At the same time, it was still fun.

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