Something New for Ink Lovers

Remember Inktober? I certainly enjoyed playing around with inks and pens — dip pens excluded, thank you very much — during the entire month of October. Once the month ended, though, I soon put my inks and pens away, and I’ve done very few ink drawings since.

Jake_Parker_2016Now, Jake Parker, the founder of Inktober, has come up with something new, something to help us maintain our inking skills. He’s calling it “Inktober 52”. As the name suggests, it’s taking the Inktober idea but extending it through all 52 weeks of the year.

And, I’m behind already.

For those who are interested, the prompt for the first week is FLIGHT. For the second week, the prompt is SHADOW.

Here is the info from Parker:

Every week we will post a new prompt. You have a week to draw it and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #inktober52.

We will then spotlight our favorite drawings on Instagram, and in a weekly email.

No pressure here, this is just a way to keep you motivated to draw throughout the year. Hopefully by the end of the year you’ll have 52 more drawings in your portfolio!

Will I take part? Probably not. Life has been incredibly busy lately, and while doing one drawing a week doesn’t sound like much, I think I’m content to keep Inktober where it’s always been. Doing a weekly prompt might be fun at another time, but right now it’s just not where I am or where I want to be.

I learned about this new challenge through an email — you can see how far behind I am in reading my mail — so if you’re interested, you can probably get information by visiting Jake Parker’s website and signing up there.

Jake Parker – Official Web Site



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