If It’s Not Fun…

I hear these words from my husband over and over. Each morning as he prepares to leave for work, we talk a bit about our plans for the day. This is when he reminds me that “if it’s not fun, don’t do it.”

We may not always be able to do only the fun things in life, but when it comes to art, what we do should definitely be fun.

I had fun yesterday painting my first real self-portrait, and I’m having fun this morning learning more about brush strokes, color mixing, and the concept of  blocking in masses of color in a painting.

I’m smiling, too, as I look at the little art calendar a daughter gave me for Christmas. It has these words of wisdom from Bob Ross:

This is not something you should labor over or worry about. Enjoy it. If painting does nothing else, it should make you happy.
Words of Wisdom from Bob Ross

I know I often fuss and fret about my drawing and painting. The learning process isn’t always easy, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like fun. I think it’s good for us to occasionally push ourselves… but only so far, and only so often. If we push too hard or too much, we will certainly lose the joy of painting.

So, as I go about my day today, I’m going to keep these words of wisdom in mind. I’m happy to share them with each of you, and I hope you’ll remember them today, as well.



    1. Sometimes it’s not fun LOL… and that’s when we need to take a break, I think. I’ve been having a lot of fun recently, and I think that’s why I seem to be learning more than usual. 🙂


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