My First Still Life

In between my painterly practice pieces, where I’m boldly swiping globs of paint on my canvas with gleeful abandon, I’m challenging myself to learn a few finer art techniques. I’m attempting portraits. I’m learning to paint still lifes.  I’m taking small little brushes and using lights and shadows to create some illusion of reality. At least, that’s the intent.

I’m pleased with the results of this first still life.

My First Still Life (2)
My First Still Life – 8 x 10 Oil on Canvas

First, to be clear, that’s supposed to be a tomato, not an apple, and no, I never did get that lemon looking quite right. But I did succeed in getting some of the lights and shadows where they should be, and I did get a feel of the draping behind the arrangement.

I do find it very challenging to paint small little spaces — like the area between the lemon and the bowl. At first, I despaired, too, of ever getting the shadows in, but they didn’t turn out too bad, really.

I do like the light and shadow on the bowl, and I like the highlights on that tomato. As a first attempt, it’s actually better than I’d expected. That makes me happy. Very happy. It also makes me more excited about still life painting. I may never be very good at it, but I know I can get better, and it’s going to be fun to see just what I can do.



    1. Thanks. Working on still life paintings and portraits is really helping me learn a lot about brushstrokes and getting the paint on the canvas. I think I can take what I’m learning and use it to improve my landscape paintings. 🙂

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