Off to a Hanging

From my studies of American history, I know that hangings — the awful legal sort — were once considered a form of public entertainment. Frankly, I can think of better ways to spend my time than watching someone die at the end of a rope.

Needless to say, the hanging I’m off to attend has nothing to do with ropes, scaffolds, and hooded executioners. I’m off to hang several paintings at the library.

I remember well the first time I hung a painting for display. Me? Put a painting of mine in a public place? Somewhere where other people would see it? Seriously? At the time, I was accompanied by both my husband and a grandson. They are fans of my art. They support me in so many ways. They encourage my efforts.

And so it is, again, this time, they’ll both me with me as I carry three oil paintings in to go up for display at the library. I love having paintings there since it’s a place I visit often. It’s always fun to walk through the display area and smile as I see my artwork on the wall.

It was a little over two years ago that I first put a painting on display, and since then I’ve proudly shown my work at many different venues. I currently have a painting on display at a local bank. I’ve been hung at our community center, at several banks in Harrisonville and other nearby towns. And, of course, I’ve exhibited at several regional art shows. I’ve come to love art shows. I’ve also come to love putting my art up for display whenever I have the opportunity.

Most artists in our fine arts groups display their paintings for one purpose only — to make sales. Although I have sold one painting, I’ve realized that this isn’t the direction I want to go, at least, not right now. I’m in this because I love being an artist, because when I do create something worth showing, I’m proud of my accomplishment.

I love walking in to Hobby Lobby and having a sales clerk look up and say, “Oh, the artist is here!” Yes, that actually happened. She remembered me bringing a painting in for framing.

I love buying canvases at Wal-Mart and having cashiers say, “Oh, you’re an artist!”  I especially love it when they ask to see my work. Much like a proud parent or grandparent showing off pictures of little ones, I can pull out my smartphone and show photos of my art. I’ve noticed other artists at our club meetings also have phones filled with pictures of their artwork!

What I’m saying, I guess, is that I love being an artist. I enjoy getting recognition for what I’ve done, and I’m looking forward to this hanging!

First Snowfall – Oil on Canvas Panel

“First Snowfall” will be one of three paintings going up on display.



    1. Thanks. It’s not really a “show” — simply a display area for artists in our fine arts association. I feel privileged just to be a member of the group, and it’s fun to see my work on display. 🙂

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  1. “I love being an artist, because when I do create something worth showing, I’m proud of my accomplishment.”

    This is very nice…congrats for your opportunity to hang your paintings, it must be a good satisfaction!
    Your painting of the first snowfall is very nice and reminds me of a mountain area not too far from where I live which since a few years I desire to photograph when the first snow arrives. But I never manage to do it! Last time I was there the day snowfall was forecasted but than tempeature increased and I only found rain 🙂 LOL

    Keep doing the good work 🙂

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