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On February 17, I posted about my kitchen art studio. I made this comment:

Oh, how nice it would be to have a studio where I could lock the door, a place where I didn’t have to go through the bother of getting supplies out each morning and putting them away again each afternoon. How I would love a quiet little studio where I could paint in peace — even when my husband is home watching his action movies! But it’s not likely to happen. From time to time my husband does mention buying a bigger home and moving, but, seriously, no, it’s not going to happen.

You know what they say… never say never. To be precise, I didn’t use that word, but my latest news is that on Saturday my husband and I made an offer on a home in the area, one with 2 detached garages, and plenty of room downstairs for a real art studio.

Although the basement isn’t completely finished, it eventually will be, and it’s finished enough to serve as a studio. There is outside light coming in through a window. It’s not a north window, but it does provide some natural light, and my husband and I are doing a bit of research on what type of lighting we’ll need to make it workable.

Better still, there’s a huge sink next to the area, absolutely perfect for washing brushes. And next to that? A huge closet with several shelves where art supplies could easily be stored.

What more could an artist ask for?

At present, the tentative closing date is March 31. Of course, we have yet to know if our offer will be accepted or if we’ll have to do further negotiating on the price. Please, wish us well!

Meanwhile, I’ll be doing less painting and more packing as I plan and prepare for our eventual move. Even if this particular offer isn’t accepted, we intend to keep bargaining until the deal is closed.

So, I won’t be back to regular blogging for a while. I see this as a perfect opportunity to not only do a major spring cleaning, but also a thorough de-cluttering. I did that last year, and it’s mind-boggling to see how much has re-accumulated in the last twelve months.

Lots will be going to thrift shops, charities, retirement communities, and pre-schools. It’s going to keep me busy for a while. It will also keep me very excited about the future.



  1. I’m so excited for you! Fingers crossed, you’ll get that space you need. I love the way you introduced this post with your wishful thinking that you never expect to be fulfilled. So hope your offer is accepted. Wishing you well!

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    1. We’re hoping to hear back today as to whether the first offer has been accepted or we’ll have to do more negotiating with the seller. Keep us in your thoughts, please! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been weeding since Jan of last year to prepare for a move, hopefully some time later this year, and the stuff STILL keeps coming out of the drawers and closets! LoL … Good luck! I’ll be up to my elbows in it and with you in spirit. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad I did a big de-cluttering last year. There’s a lot more to go now, but it could be so much worse! LOL. I want to get down to the bare minimum — as much as possible.

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  3. Best of luck with the new home! I remember when I decided the children didn’t need a playroom anymore and I moved my studio in there (from my bedroom closet!). And now I recently moved into the 2nd largest bedroom with 2 beautiful view windows (my daughter took her furniture to her new apt). So I know your excitement at an opportunity to have a little place of your own to close the door and create in peace. Keep us updated!

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    1. I am so ready to move! Closing is set for Tuesday, our present living quarters are a disaster of boxes and bags, and my plan is to move art supplies before anything else! 🙂 Thanks for all the good thoughts.

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