Welcome to Greenstreet Studio!

OK, so my welcome is a bit premature. We’re not closing on the house until Tuesday, March 31, but I’m excited and eager to share that excitement, especially now in the midst of this horrible pandemic the world is experiencing.

It’s an older home, built in 1940, and it will need a bit of TLC — a little exterior paint here, a little carpentry there — and we’re looking forward to it all. What we both love most about the property is the yard. It has nearly 1/2-acre, which for city dwellers like us is huge! My husband has already bought a riding lawn mower!

Front of House

We’re also in love with the outbuildings — a huge “man cave” for my husband, plus an even bigger double-car garage. We could easily park four vehicles inside the garage! That’s a good thing. We have five vehicles. Our cars will go in the garage or the driveway and the old van my husband is restoring will have a place of its own in that “man cave”.

The downstairs isn’t “completely finished” but it’s close enough to make the space livable. We’ll add a few area rugs, paint or panel the walls (in time), and we’re definitely putting a hot tub in the downstairs bath. What we’re giving up by moving, you see, is a huge master bathroom with hot tub. I’m going to miss that, but in exchange we’re getting the beautiful yard and my art studio area.

It’s a perfect place for us, what my husband lovingly calls “a grandma and grandpa house”. Not too big, not too small. Convenient to the library (about 2 blocks away) and close to stores.

I love the back of the house, too. I can’t wait to move our outdoor furniture here and sit outside in the evening, enjoying a pleasant breeze.

Rear of House

As far as the pandemic… we’re praying for it to be over soon. I’m able to stay home for the most part. The retirement community where my sister lives is not allowing any visitors, so I’m not making any trips to St. Joseph. I order from Amazon if there’s something I really need, and occasionally I get out to do banking or a bit of grocery shopping.

My husband is still working. Since he’s in the health care industry he is considered “essential personnel” — and rightly so. He even has “identification papers” to carry with him in case anyone questions why he’s going about business as usual.

Needless to say, we’ve been keeping very busy. We’ve packed lots of boxes and filled lots of bags, and it’s getting difficult to walk through our house! Almost every evening we get in the car and take a short drive — the new home is only a few minutes away. We pull into the driveway, look at what’s beginning to bloom, and we dream about making the place a real home.

Closing is set for Tuesday, and there will be so many things to do afterward! Address changes, having the piano moved and tuned, making the few necessary repairs, and, of course, the whole ordeal of moving everything! But we’re going to take it slow, do a bit at a time, and enjoy every moment. Or so we say. I’m sure there will be frustrations, but in the end, it will be worth it.

I’m not going to try posting every day, but hopefully I’ll soon get things set up and working so that I can resume drawing, painting, and sharing my art journey through this blog.



  1. It looks great, so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing what you will do in your very own studio. In the meantime keep safe and healthy.

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