Social Distancing

I have a feeling that when the Oxford English Dictionary compiles its end-of-the-year list of new entries for 2020, social distancing and other pandemic-related words and phrases will play a prominent part.

Stay at home orders,  essential personnel,  shelter in place restrictions, and, yes, the ubiquitous social distancing have not only changed the way we live but the way we speak.

For the most part, life hasn’t changed a lot for my husband and me. He still gets up and goes to work each day. I’m quite the home-body, so other than missing a few symphony performances and cancelled art club meetings, my routine is much the same as ever. I can’t go to the library, but I can now watch Metropolitan Opera broadcasts. I still get out for an occasional trip to the grocery store, and, as always, I can order from Amazon. There are inconveniences, but no hardships.

The biggest inconvenience, however, is about to happen.

Later today we’ll be closing on our new property, and the movers are coming on Saturday. We’ve been able to successfully arrange utility transfers, and Dish TV will move our service on Friday. Oh, the baby grand will be moved — and tuned — on Thursday. It will now have a lovely little room of its own.

We were surprised, shocked, and dismayed to learn, however, that our internet provider is not doing any service work in Harrisonville due to the coronavirus restrictions. We aren’t even able to get our names on a “waiting list” to have service moved when restrictions are lifted. The best we can do is to call the billing office to have our account placed “on hold” when we move so that we won’t be accruing additional charges until we have service again.

Yes, we can live without internet.

Of course, my husband and I each have a smartphone, and we’ll have an internet connection there, but I’m not good at using my phone for more than checking-in with Facebook or reading Kindle books. In other words, I won’t be attempting to do any blogging for the foreseeable future.

I’m hoping to have my new “art studio” set up soon, and I’m excited at the thought of getting back to my easel. After all the stress of packing, moving, unpacking, and getting settled in, art will be a welcome way to relax and unwind.

But, it will be a while before I’ll be posting here again. So, if you don’t see me around, please, don’t be alarmed. If you comment on a post here and don’t receive a response, please know I’m not deliberately ignoring you. And most of all, don’t think you’ve seen or heard the last of me and my art journey. I will be back… I just don’t know how soon.



  1. I look forward to reading your posts later when you can and your art studio.
    I hope the move goes ok in the meantime and enjoy your art studio when you have settled.

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  2. Hope all goes well with your house move on Saturday. Quite amazed it is going ahead. Very happy for you though and looking forward to seeing you again when you have settled in.

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