Making Progress

Hello to everyone! It’s good to be sitting here at my computer in my little office — which is now located only a few feet away from my art studio! It will be so very convenient once everything is unpacked, organized, and up and running.

Yes, I do have internet once again — obviously. No thanks to our internet service provider, but thanks to the Dish TV technician who not only moved our television service but hooked up the internet, too.

The house is even more perfect for us than we’d ever imagined. All in all, the move went well except for a little accident with a huge jar of change (mostly pennies) that my husband has had sitting in the kitchen for years and years and years. It broke. Money went everywhere. Oh, well, the grandkids will have fun finding coins in the yard for a long time to come.

Broken Jar
What’s a move without at least one little mishap?

Very few things were broken in the move — the coin jar, a cookie jar I’d planned to set on one of the kitchen shelves, and a mug we didn’t really use. For the most part, all arrived intact.

Here are a few pictures I took as we were first putting things together. We’ve now added a bit of decor to the walls and are getting things in place upstairs. The downstairs area — office, art studio, playroom, entertainment area, sewing room, and spa — will gradually come together over the next few weeks.

Here you can see the music room, our cozy little kitchen and nook, our bedroom, and the puppies’ room — although not all the puppies are there on the bed.

As for the art studio?

Art Studio

It’s looking a bit dismal right now, but my plan is to finish unpacking (those boxes are mostly office supplies) and get the studio put together in the coming week. We’ll be painting the walls, adding more lighting, and putting down an old rug.

What you don’t see pictured here is a huge sink — which will be ideal for washing brushes and other artsy little things — plus 2 storage closets with shelves. Right now my paints, canvases, and other supplies are put away in the closets but not yet organized. Once it’s set up, I’m really going to enjoy working here in my new studio.

I think the best part of it all is having room to put oil paintings as they’re drying. No more wet paint messes all over my kitchen. We’ll also have an area where I can hang completed and framed paintings — sort of my own gallery exhibition.

It is my hope that each of you is doing well during these difficult times. I’ve kept in touch with many of my artist friends, and I know a lot of creative inspiration is coming out despite the inconveniences of “stay at home” orders and “social distancing.”

We’re both fine and are looking forward to seeing an end to this horrible pandemic. We definitely have lots to keep us busy. I won’t have much artwork to show when the restrictions are lifted — but I will have a beautiful new home and a lovely art studio to enjoy.



    1. It’s really starting to come together now, and I’m going to enjoy it so much! Having the big sink so close for clean-up is wonderful. 🙂 And I love having so much room to organize everything.

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