Playing in the Studio

The time has come to put the art studio together and get back to my easel. Actually, the time is long overdue. I’ve missed painting, and I’m excited to grab my brushes again and have a go at being creative. During this lull, I’ve collected a lot of art resources — new projects to try, new magazines to read, new tutorials to watch — and hopefully a lot of ideas and inspirations have been building up inside of me, just waiting for the opportunity to spring forth in one form or another.

So, with most of the unpacking and putting-away behind me — for the main house, that is — I came downstairs to my office/studio and eagerly set to work this morning. For several days I’ve been looking at the art space available and thinking about how to use it most effectively, but the best way to answer all my questions, I realized, would be to give it a try.

I eased myself back in to the creative process with a very simple little project — toning an old canvas with acrylic. For me, this is always a fun thing to do. I can play with paint. There’s no right or wrong about how I cover the canvas.

Already I’ve figured out a few things. I’m not accustomed to painting with my easel at this angle, but it was fun to try. I’m going to leave it as is for a while and see how I like it.

I discovered, too, that even though the floor isn’t finished with carpet or tile, it might still be a good idea to put something down to catch drips and spills.

I found that my blank canvas storage area will be nice — once I have it completely organized, and fortunately I learned that I did a fairly good job of packing up my paints and brushes. I was able to quickly and easily find exactly what I needed.

I learned, too, that the nearby sink is too wonderful for words! Oh, how I love the convenience it offers.

Yep, I’ve already made a bit of a mess over there in the studio, but what’s a studio for if not for making bits of messes? It’s definitely starting to look a little artsy, and I’m loving it.

What will I need? Definitely I’ll want a little more light — that’s in the works — and I’m accustomed to having a table close by. I’ll need a stand of some sort where I can set my paints and brushes while I’m working. I have one in the corner now, but it’s not quite the right size, nor is it in quite the right place.

Now, what will I use that toned canvas for? I don’t know. I might just add other acrylic colors to it and make it into a fanciful, playful abstract. Of it might become the beginning of an oil landscape. Or maybe it will remain exactly as it is — a memory of the first time I played with my paints here in my new art studio.

The studio is a work in progress, and I think our pursuit of art might well be defined, too, as a continual work in progress. I have so much I want to learn, so much I want to do, and so much fun I want to have as I come downstairs each day now to spend time playing in my studio.

Eventually the walls will be painted, the shelves will be organized, and I’ll have paintings hanging on the gallery wall here. It will all take time, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

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