Apples — Inside and Out

Painting apples is fun. I’ve mentioned many times how much I loved drawing apples when I first began learning. I did a few pears, a banana, and I’ve even painted an orange, but when it comes to fruit and art, apples will always be my favorite.

Recently as part of my morning warm-up with watercolors, I painted a green apple. You’ve already seen my warm-up sheet from that day, but here it is again. While practicing, I did use different approaches.

For the first one, I drew the apple out with a pencil. On the second, I drew with a fine watercolor brush. For the third, I picked up a bigger brush and just started painting. On the fourth — my lovely green apple — I went back to drawing with the small brush first. That seems to be my preferred approach, at least when it comes to watercolor apples.

Four Apples (2)

I did have a real apple. This was a drawing from life exercise. For each painting, I turned the apple just a bit so that I’d be looking at it from a slightly different point. For the first three, I tried to use the actual colors I saw, and then for the fourth apple, I challenged myself to use greens and see if I could at least capture the three-dimensional aspect of the apple with the values I used.

After I finished my apples, I sat back looking at them from across the room. I was pleased with what I’d done. The shadows on the first ones don’t look too good, and none of my backgrounds turned out too well. I still need lots of practice on brushstrokes. Most of all I’m still figuring out how much paint and how much water, but when I’m doing these watercolor warm-ups, that’s part of the process. Right or wrong, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I do it… and by doing it I’m sure to learn something from the process.

Painting apples is fun, and as I looked at my Four Apples on the easel — and at the real apple on the table — I had all kinds of thoughts. I should paint lots of apples. Colorful apples! Not just red, or green, or yellow apples, but why not blue ones? Lavender apples? Maybe I should paint apples with polka-dots or stripes? A black and white apple? Why not?

As all these ideas kicked around inside my head, I got a bit hungry. It was getting close to lunch time. I was planning to slice up that red Honeycrisp apple and enjoy it bite by bite.

That was when I realized that in all my apple-painting, not once had I ever tried painting the inside of an apple. Not once had I ever cut an apple open and laid it out to be painted.

Time to change that!

Apple with Green (2)I hurried upstairs, grabbed a knife, and sliced my apple open. I can’t say I was thrilled with my first attempt at painting the inside, but I will say that the apple was delicious, indeed.

Later, I decided to add a bit of background just for a little painting practice.  Obviously I have a lot to learn — and by the way, that little spot of paint to the left of the apple was supposed to be an apple seed.

Apples are really fun to paint. I can’t want to play more with colors and doodles and apples!



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