Wonders Never Cease

“Wonders never cease to amaze me.” That was an expression my mother used often to express her surprise at something unexpected but good, something unusual but good, something out of the ordinary but still good. Good, you see, is the key point in wonders.

I’ve repeated that phrase a few times lately here in my art studio as I’ve discovered handy little things I never knew existed.

Corner Punch (2)Wonder 1: A Round Corner Punch

Most of you craftier-than-I readers probably already know about this little gadget, but I didn’t have a clue that such a thing existed. As its name implies, it’s used for cutting corners to a lovely rounded shape. I found out about round corner punches when I was making bookmarks. This useful tool quickly and easily takes my bookmarks from just another handmade bookmark to the level of a beautiful hand-crafted gift. 

Wonder 2: White Gouache

Yes, I did know about white gouache, but I’d never used it before. And then I did my Evening Storm watercolor and needed some way to create the effect of waves crashing against the rocks. Would white gouache work? Wonders never cease to amaze me. It worked.

Wonder 3: Metallic Watercolors

51u+UmVMbTL._AA200I’m not linking to any specific product here because the set I purchased — by Komorebi — is no longer available from Amazon.

I love this set! Until I started doing watercolor doodles and watching various tutorials, I had no idea that metallic watercolors were available. This set includes gold, silver, copper, and bronze colors. I’ve used them for several projects, and I adore them.

Wonder 4: Art Masking Liquid Pens


I’ve used masking fluid before, way back when I was first learning and attempted an urban landscape — complete with its own (unintentionally) leaning tower. I liked the idea of masking fluid, I understood its purpose, but messing with it was… well, messy. Now, however, I’ve found masking liquid available in a handy pen! Will wonders ever cease? Let’s hope not. I’ll admit it takes a bit of getting used to, but now that I’ve learned to handle it, I’m probably going to be using this gadget a lot.

Wonder 5: Adhesive Pick-Up Erasers

EraserIf you’re going to use masking fluid, you’re going to need an adhesive pick-up eraser. I wish I’d known that earlier. I did a project — which you’ll see below — and I used masking fluid then tried to remove it by rubbing it with my fingers. That didn’t work too well. I used a regular eraser then, and that didn’t work too well, either. In the tutorial I was following, the instructor does specify an adhesive pick-up eraser as the proper tool for the job, so once I realized the importance of it, I ordered one from Amazon. It will be arriving soon.

Perhaps the greatest wonder of all, though, and one that certainly did amaze me, was the recent project I completed following a Scratchmade Journal tutorial.

Another Winter Scene (3)

Usually my attempts at following art tutorials look nothing like the painting being demonstrated, especially not on my first try. This one, however, turned out looking good!

Here, as always, the camera fails to capture the true colors and appearance of this “Winter Scene” watercolor, and you’ll notice that I was a bit careless with my tape. Even so, and even with my fledgling attempt at using that art masking fluid pen and my lack of an adhesive pick-up eraser, I still came out with a lovely painting, one that I’m happy to share.

With art, I’ve learned, there is an unending array of wonders waiting to be discovered, explored, and put to good use.

What new art discoveries have you made recently? 




  1. I’m not an artist but I do enjoy making ~tiny~ art projects for myself and I love the feeling every time I discover/learn something new with my art. No matter how little it is, it’s something that really brings joy to me.

    So far, I’ve only tried liquid masking fluid from the list. Hoping to try the others soon. :))

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    1. If you use watercolor at all, try to find the metallic. They are so much fun to play with and they add so much to watercolor projects. I’m planning to make a few personalized Christmas cards for family and friends and will definitely be using a bit of metallic paints for accents.


      1. I do use watercolor (altho I’m not really good at it 😂). I’ve been seeing it on instagram lately and I’m really curious abt it hope I could get my hands on them soon. Any particular brand of metallic watercolor that u think would be nice for beginners?

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      2. I love the Komorebi set that I have. I don’t know if it’s available at art supply stores or not. I got mine from Amazon, but it’s no longer available there. If you shop at Amazon, you might want to browse around. I know they carry a lot of other metallic watercolors. Since I’m new to this too and the Komorebi is the only set I’ve used, I can’t really say what other brands might be good. You might get a little information from reading Amazon reviews. That’s one thing I try to do before I buy something I haven’t tried before. 🙂 Good luck and have fun!

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    1. I did get the eraser! I haven’t used it yet, but it sure looks handy. I want to do more of those Scratchmade Journal cards using the masking fluid. So many possibilities!

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    1. Yes, it is wonderful! Like I said in the post, it takes a little getting used to right at first, but once you’ve used it, it’s really an easy and convenient way to mask out areas in watercolor.

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    1. This project was especially fun because it actually turned out the way it was supposed to — or close to it. I’m having a lot of “ups and downs” with watercolor, and I’m sure that’s natural for beginners. On the plus side, I painted a gorgeous cardinal today. He’s on Facebook… not sure if you can see him with this link or not. He was gorgeous to me, at least. But then I have lots of watercolor disasters, and you’ll be seeing them coming up later in the month. Feel free to jump in with any advice and suggestions!


      1. Thank you for the friendship! It is really nice to “see” and connect with you. I’m glad you liked the cardinal. Oh, last night we had dozens of birds… entire flocks of sparrows coming to the feeder, plus two mourning doves. We’ve heard the doves in the distance every evening. I was delighted when they came to visit!

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      2. Even though I am on the edge of Greater London…I am surrounded with trees parks and the River Thames – only a few minutes walk away…and so there are many birds including seagulls….I have also heard doves cooing in the early mornings which is quite lovely. Wonderful

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      3. Our doves are still here! Yesterday evening for our regular Friday “date night” we watched “The Big Year”, a comedy about birding. It’s 6:20 AM here and my husband is outside on the patio watching our feathered friends. We are truly enjoying our new home and yard.

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  2. I haven’t yet tried masking fluid but had recently bought some. I didn’t know the trick with the erasers so thank you! I was formerly taught and when I was in school, we didn’t have this or at least I don’t remember it… 🤔 I was taught using rubber cement glue like we used in our classrooms as kids and am still using it today! LOL

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    1. Yes, that’s so true. I used the masking fluid pen again and removed the masking with that pick-up eraser (it arrived a few days ago). It works like a charm! Now, I’m wondering what new discoveries I’ve yet to make!


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