A Vase of Pansies

I’ve always loved pansies — to my detriment at one time. When I was about four or five years old our Sunday School class planted flowers in April so that we’d have lovely little gifts for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I choose pansies, which apparently are very slow to germinate, so while others in the class had beautiful flowers to give to their mothers, I had nothing more than a little pot of dirt.

It was one of those defining moments of my childhood, and for a long time I was very upset by it. I considered myself a complete failure, and I was quite resentful toward those pansies. In looking back at the experience now, I can only wonder why the teacher provided pansy seeds. My guess is that she had no idea that the seeds from which those pretty flowers come may take as long as three weeks to sprout.

For a long time my shame at choosing the worst possible flower for the occasion overshadowed my love for pansies. Every time I saw one, I was reminded again of my failure.

Now, I’m all grown up and then some, and while I’ve never tried growing pansies again, I do love looking at them. Maybe I will get some to put in our garden.

But whether I grow them or not, I can paint pansies. You probably saw my abstract expression of pansies in a recent post. I mentioned then that I’d added a bit more to it and promised that you would see it again.

So, here is my lovely bouquet of pansies.

Bouquet of Pansies (2)
A Bouquet of Pansies – Watercolor and Ink

I wish cameras and computers would be more accurate with colors. I’m afraid this image looks quite dull and dreary compared to the actual painting.

Recently I bought a set of six metallic watercolors. Oh, what fun they are to play with! On this painting — since I’d added in the orange for an interesting accent — I chose the copper metallic. In the photograph you can’t see how shiny it is, how it glistens and gleams. It’s truly lovely.

And then, once it was all completely dry, I grabbed a gel pen and doodled to define my pansies and bring them to life. I had fun doodling little circles and whatever those spiral-looking things are called. There’s an actual name for them, but I’ve forgotten it. I’ll have to look that up.

I put my flowers into a vase, the shape of which I could imagine in the abstract colors of the painting. I will find a frame for this one, and I’ll set it on my desk. In some silly way, this vase of pansies helps ease the long-standing sting of my childhood failure. I like the painting. I hope you like it too.


AN ADDED NOTE: Guess what my husband came home with yesterday  from his trip to the store? Yes, indeed, a packet of pansy seeds. I’m going to find a pot, fill it with good soil, and grow my pansies at the edge of the patio. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Judith Very nice and a great idea I too often have the problem that photos do do justice to an artwork If you use and iPad or other device,try editing and increasing the brilliance and brightness and saturation. You may then get back to the colours you actually painted I hope this helps I fiddled with your image and here it is It may not be correct but have ago yourself Best regards and keep painting! Brian

    Sent from my iPad If you have moment visit my blog at http://www.brianswatercolours.blog


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