Christmas in July

I’ve shared this story before, but here goes again. It was back in June, 2015, about two weeks after I’d secretly started learning to draw. I’d told no one about my plans. The whole idea was so silly, really, that I would have been embarrassed for anyone to know.

But then I drew a cluster of leaves, copied from an illustration in a beginner’s drawing book, and I was so pleased and so proud of what I’d done I had to show my husband. If you’re curious, you can see that little drawing here.

My husband not only praised my efforts and offered his support, but also made a remark: “Just think, you’ll be able to draw Christmas cards this year.”

I certainly laughed at that! I knew where the idea came from, of course. That little cluster of leaves did vaguely resemble something you might see on a holiday card. I knew, too, that his idea was utterly ridiculous, completely impossible, and worthy of nothing more than an eye-roll.

And yet, unbelievably, I did create holiday cards that year, and each year since I’ve come up with a drawing or painting for Christmas. In our local art clubs, we also devote our November meeting to creating cards which are then given out during our December luncheon or dinner.

None of my previous cards have been much to look at. They’ve been very simple little winter scenes, in some cases nothing more than little doodles.

This year is going to be different, though. Recently I shared a card I’d made following a tutorial from Scratchmade Journal. I’ve since gone back to the video and have created two additional cards… and I’m just getting started!

Cards (2)

So far, as you can see, I’ve used cool “wintry” colors — blues, greens, a bit of violet — and I’m excited now to try more traditional Christmas colors and more traditional holiday scenes. I’m going to use my new metallic watercolors a lot, I think.

Now that I have the basic techniques figured out, I’m going to enjoy playing around with ideas. I’ve also been experimenting a bit with adding text, and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for cards of all sorts!

Who knows! Maybe I can even learn to draw boxes… you know, as in Christmas presents. Pretty boxes tied with ribbons. Sitting under a Christmas tree. I actually think I might be able to do this!

It may be a bit early for thinking of Christmas, but that’s all right. I’m having fun, and any time is a good time for that!



  1. That’s wonderful to hear! Oh and it’s definitely good time to start preparing 👌, every year I say “it’s too early to start Christmas preparations” and end up in a hurry few days before the holidays 😂😂

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