Bit By the Doodle Bug

I’m a curious sort, and as I sat down to write this post I couldn’t help but wonder, is there really such a thing as a doodle bug? So, setting artistic endeavors aside, I was off on an internet search.

Doodle BugYes, doodle bugs are real. They aren’t very cute, actually, and in case you need more specifics, doodle bugs are the larval form of lion ants. Who knew!

Now, those little roly-poly bugs or “curl bugs” we played with as children are also referred to at times as doodle bugs, but apparently this isn’t correct.

A doodle bug can also be a diviner searching for water or mineral deposits, a tractor, or a self-propelled rail car. Again, who knew!

According to one article I read, the term doodle itself began as a perjorative, a not-so-nice name for someone who wastes a lot of time or someone who isn’t too bright. Over the years the term evolved from meaning a simpleton, to meaning specifically someone who draws incessantly.

Doodling is fun, and it’s also very relaxing. What I’ve learned recently is that when life gets a bit crazy — as it certainly is now — it’s good to sit down and doodle. Doodling requires little, if any, thought. Doodling isn’t so much about results. It’s about just… well, just doodling for the sake of doodling.

Yesterday morning I put on a bit of relaxing “nature” music, you know… gentle music with the sound of birds and waterfalls, the sort of music that just lets your mind float away to some other place, some other time.

I doodled leaves. Lots of leaves. First, I used watercolor, and then I grabbed a drawing pen and started the serious doodling. Just playing. Adding little dots. Making lines going in different directions. Doing whatever I felt like doing.

Doodle Bug Leaves (2)

It was a fun way to play, and I think I was learning a little, too. Doodling these leaves let me (a) practice drawing leaf shapes, (b) think about colors, (d) try different watercolor techniques, (e) practice with ink, and (f) consider principles of design. So, maybe I wasn’t really wasting my time after all!

I enjoyed doodling these leaves, and I think I just might do a bit more doodling today. How about you? Do you doodle?




  1. I like this post. Doodling is something I could do with my senior friends at the health care center. But what is fun
    about your post , besides doodling, is learning about what doodling is and that weird bug! thanks

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  2. One more thought, though, I do love to have kids do a doodle line and then turn it into something–made up or real. It’s lots of fun and was the first post in my Fun and easy art activities for creative kids back in March!

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  3. I used to doodle so much, and even ended up with pictures that came out of it. Like a business man pig! But when I try now it doesn’t work so much. Not like it used to. I need to try and spend some time just doing that. Practice makes progress!

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      1. I should do more Zentangles. I think they’re so pretty. Usually when I doodle, I just… well, doodle LOL. No plan. No purpose. I’m thinking about printing out a few mandalas and doing them in watercolor. I think that would be fun.

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