Tell Me That You Love Me

In even the best of relationships, there are times when we need a bit of reassurance. My relationship with art has been a bit shaky over the past couple of weeks as I’ve gone from trying to do it all to doing nothing, from feeling that I’m making progress to wondering why I even bother! I love this art journey I’m on, but it’s never an easy path to follow. The road isn’t straight. It’s filled with twists and turns, and it’s sometimes an uphill climb.

I’m getting back to the studio now, gradually easing my way back into drawing and painting by choosing a few projects to work on instead of tackling a dozen different things, and also by playing with myΒ art journal each day, making up my own rules for it, and not getting caught up inΒ results. It’s the process that’s important to me right now.

And right now, I do need reassurance. I need someone to say, “Hey, I like what you’re doing.” So I’m sharing a painting I finished yesterday — or almost, at least. In this photo, it’s still wet and shiny — it’s oil — and I’ll probably go back to do a little tweaking.

Tell Me That You Love Me (2)
Tell Me That You Love Me – Oil on 11 x 14 Canvas Panel

I’ll play around with the lights and shadows a little more, and maybe I’ll do a little more with the sky. Originally I had a few fluffy clouds — this began as another cloud study — but honestly, you know… I probably won’t do much more to this at all.

This was a painting with a purpose. It was intended to get me back to my easel with a paintbrush in my hand. It was important to me that I finish this painting yesterday, and even though I wiped most of it away and re-did it, I stuck with it and saw it through to the end.

Now, I’m sharing it with the hope that some kind, gentle soul out there will give me a virtual pat on the back and say, “You did good.” You don’t have to love me. You don’t even have to love the painting. But any reassuring words will be welcome.

Now… on to my next project!



  1. Hi Judy, I love your painting, and you! I feel your pain and uncertainty about your art. I am amazed by your daily posts, have not commented before because I never knew my WP password, but today I was already logged in. I too, am an artist, you can see my work at I have started a blog, but find it difficult to find what to write about. Keep writing, and painting! You inspire me to keep painting and writing when I feel I don’t know what I’m doing.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for those kind words! I’m so glad you find my experience inspiring. This was one of my hopes when I began this blog. After I started Artistcoveries I wondered what I could actually write about since I wasn’t a “real artist” — just someone trying to learn. I soon realized that while I couldn’t write much about “art”, I could definitely share my personal journey as I learned. I’ve just visited your site. Your paintings are gorgeous! I hope someday that I can spend a little time learning and doing still life painting. Yours are so beautiful. Thank you so much for dropping by to visit this morning. Your kindness has certainly brightened my day. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks. It’s just been such a rough few weeks! My studio is in total disarray, my mind has been going over-time with too many projects, and I just couldn’t focus on anything. I hope I’m getting past that now. Getting a painting finished was a huge step for me. I hope you do like it.

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    1. Thank you so very much. I suppose it’s silly to go around asking for compliments, but I was really in need of a few kinds words. Your response means more than you know. That you again.


    1. Thank you. I love landscape painting. I love nature. I love all her moods and colors, her lights and shadows, and I want my art to inspire others to respect and honor the earth. That’s what I’m working toward. I appreciate the kind words.


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