Virtual Visits

Who’s tired of the pandemic? Even though the country is “opening up” again — which has proved to be problematic at times — there are still a lot of restrictions in place. We can’t travel about as freely as we once did, but fortunately for art lovers there are many “virtual visits” we can make.

In recent weeks I’ve “been to” the National Gallery of Art, the Guggenheim, The Louvre, and the Rijksmuseum. I’ve loved seeing works of art and learning more about the artists.

My virtual excursions began with this link:

10 of the World’s Best Virtual Museum and Art Gallery Tours

Another great listing is this one:

12 Museums With Virtual Tours

And if you’d like to see more than art and history, you’ll want to check out this link:

The 75 Best Virtual Museum Tours Around the World — Art, History, Science, Technology

It’s always inspiring to visit an art gallery or a museum. It’s something we need to do for ourselves on a regular basis. While virtual visiting may leave some things to be desired, they still have a lot to offer. I’ll never travel to Paris or Rome. While the art museums in Chicago and St. Louis are places I can visit, I’m not likely to see the Benaki Museum’s collection of Asian Art unless I do it online.

Travelling via the internet is easy, convenient, and inexpensive. What I love most — aside from the art and artifacts I view — is the ability to quickly find additional information about any particular piece of art or any specific artist. Many websites also include fascinating film clips or recorded discussions about art. No waiting in line, no checking the time-table, just click and enjoy whenever you wish!





    1. I know! It’s been invaluable during these times, helping people stay in touch, providing educational experiences for students at all levels, and bringing us a few funny cat pictures to keep us laughing. πŸ™‚

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