What Have I Done?

I have to laugh at myself often. I do so many silly things. I’m fortunate to have a kind, loving, supportive husband who doesn’t get upset by opening the door and finding package after package from Amazon — all with delicious art supplies or other little goodies that for one reason or another I’ve decided that I simply must have.

Today’s must have purchase involved alcohol inks. I’ve seen them, I’ve loved them, I’ve wanted to play with them… and, well, yeah! Inktober is coming up. It’s right around the corner and Cheeky Monkey Mind told me I really, really needed to order a set. I can always blame my impulsive art shopping on Cheeky.

My little shopping spree today included the following:

There are numerous other recommended supplies for creating alcohol ink art — here’s a link — but I already have all the other items in my studio.

So, what is alcohol ink and what sort of art can we create with it? I’m about to find out!

Alcohol ink painting is:

a fluid painting technique and also the name for colors based on alcohol. This term refers to various techniques that have to do with working with paint in a liquid medium.  — Acrylgiessen


If you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like acrylic pouring, you’re right. Knowing my unhappy experiences with all things acrylic — including acrylic pouring — you might find it odd that I’d want to try alcohol inks. I agree. It is odd, but I love the colors, I love the fanciful designs that can be made with alcohol ink, and I’m always interested in learning and trying new things.

Cheeky Monkey Mind and I have been plotting our course for Inktober, and we’ve actually come up with a possible theme — poetry. Now, we may well change our mind before October 1, but for now, we’re envisioning a project with poetry, illustration, and alcohol ink.

It sounds good. It sounds fun. It sounds crazy. Is it any wonder that I’m sitting here in disbelief asking myself, “Oh, my goodness! What have I done now?”

The first package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Another the following day. The rest the day after that. I’m excited, of course. Buying art supplies makes me happy, and as my husband reminds me, “An artist can never have too many art supplies.” Cheeky and I are very glad he’s so understanding!


  1. Stocking up isn’t just for TP and food. Art supplies are consumables, they run out, get replaced. May I suggest a word for the ones you love? Backstock. 🙂 I’m full-on digging the enthusiasm energy in your post today.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, you are right. I’m getting really low on canvas panels. I’ve always tried to keep “stocked up” but since I’m doing all my shopping online now, I’ve fallen behind on my stock of panels. I need to go online to Cheap Joe’s or another supplier and put in an order. Oh, the inks have arrived! (The post was written a few days ago.) I’m all set to start playing very soon!

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