Shamanic Dream

I’m not quite sure what to call this alcohol ink piece. A drawing? A painting? A doodle? I suppose I could call it any of those things, but most of all I’m calling it FUN.

Resized Shamanic Dream

It’s a little weird, I suppose, and no, it’s not really supposed to look like anything in particular. It came together on Monday morning as I finished up an alcohol ink tutorial with an ink and doodle project.

Following a suggestion from Sarah at Crafty Rat, I set my Yupo paper aside and got out a sheet of glossy photo paper. I used half of it for an art journal page, then reserved this half for my “ink and doodle” fun.

Knowing that I wanted to use a white gel pen as part of my doodling, I choose fairly dark colors. Originally my colors were red, green, and violet. I wasn’t happy though with how the colors looked on my paper. I’d covered the page first with blending solution, but maybe not quite enough. My inks weren’t really moving on the page, and that was the effect I wanted. So I poured on alcohol. A lot of alcohol. I also dropped in a bit of gold ink.

That was fun, but I knew the doodling would be even more fun! So, I grabbed a small drawing board — first letting my inked page dry completely — and I settled down in a comfortable chair. I turned on one of my Pandora stations. Listening to one of my stations while drawing has become a bit of an early morning habit. Usually I’m listening as I’m working on my art journal page. It helps put me into a creative state of mind.

With my “meditative music” playing softly, I started my doodles, using black ink. I just let my pen wander through the colors, and I began to feel as if I were creating a rather surreal world, a world where what I saw bore some resemblance to real things, but yet weren’t quite real in themselves. After a time I took my Sakura “Gelly Roll” white pen and started adding more lines and dots.

As I doodled, I thought of aboriginal art I’ve seen, some of which uses lots of dots, and while I wasn’t attempting to re-create the style, thoughts of the Australian Dreamtime played through my mind. The music felt right for what I was experiencing — a quiet time of creating something uniquely my own, something that had no logical meaning, but something which — in its own way — seemed symbolic of earth and life and spirit. It was a beautiful experience.

As I looked up, I noticed what music was playing at that time. It was — quite appropriately — Shamanic Dream by Anugama. How fitting for my… whatever it is! Is it a drawing? Is it a painting? Is it just a crazy doodle? I suppose it’s all of those, but most of all it is a dream. Like most dreams, it’s a bit mixed up, confused, and nonsensical, but this piece of art will be one I will long remember.


  1. Great image. Very Miró-esque; and, possesses a primordial touch; I have shared with all appropriate attribution and link to your original site in place; scheduled for Friday. Best Regards.


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