Another Misty Morning

A few days ago I shared a few of my “misty morning” watercolor paintings. They reflected, I hope, peaceful scenes of quiet spring or summer mornings. I enjoyed painting with soft pinks and pale blues, but now as our weather turns cooler here in the midwest, my palette is changing a bit, too.

In today’s “Misty Morning” painting, I wanted to focus on a slightly grayer sky. I’ve paired that with a melon-like orange tint, and set it all off with a deep blue-black from my gansai set.

I hope you like my morning painting.

Another Misty Morning

As the season changes now from summer to fall, I’ll be making more color changes on my palette, probably adding deeper yellows and browns, and creating an “earthier” feeling in my paintings, both with watercolor and with my oil landscapes. I’m really looking forward to painting scenes with glorious autumn leaves! It’s time to bring out the Indian reds, the yellow ochres, and vibrant oranges.

Do you change your palette along with the changing seasons? Or do you keep a consistent palette throughout the year? As the season changes, how does your art change?


    1. BTW… did I see you at Gettin’ Sketchy? I don’t usually keep up with the chat while I’m drawing, but when I got ready to leave, I thought I saw your name! So sorry I missed chatting with you!

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