Feeling the Rhythm

Earlier this month I shared a “Fletcher Doodle” — a crazy mish-mash of lines and circles going this way and that. It was an ink doodle I worked on while I was waiting for my husband’s appointment with the retinologist — Dr. Fletcher — to be completed. Because of the pandemic, I’m no longer allowed to go into the examination room. In fact, I can’t even go into the office. So, I sit patiently in the hall on the 3rd floor of the Carondelet Medical Building, staring out the window toward the parking lot, or watching the potted plants silently growing. Now and then another patient or a staff member walks by.

Since visits to the retinologist sometimes do take a little time, I’ve made it a habit to take a sketch book along. I used to work on colored pencil drawings or graphite landscape drawings, but lately I’ve switched over to ink and doodling.

When I started my first “Fletcher Doodle”, I completed about half of a page in my large sketchbook. I said I would work on it again at my husband’s next appointment. When we arrived at the Medical Building and I settled down on the bench to wait, I changed my mind. I’ve gotten accustomed to looking at that doodle as it is. It wouldn’t feel right to add more to it.

So, I turned to another sheet and started doodling something different. I quickly found myself getting into a rhythm. I enjoyed the movement of the pens — during this drawing session I used several different ones — and I really felt these images moving in their own way, especially my pièce de résistance, a large doodle I’ve named “How She Moves”.

How She Moves — Ink Doodle

It’s a doodle, and it’s weird, I suppose, but I actually put a lot of conscious thought into these different lines and circles and dots. I thought about what it means to be a woman, about how our bodies are put together and how they move. I might go back and add a little more black to the zig-zags on her lower right leg, or I might not. She’s odd-looking, and that’s all right. I loved creating her.

My other doodles — which I’m thinking of as purposeful doodles — represent a human head although there are no features, a bird in flight, and one of the potted plants sitting in the hallway.

Potted Plant — Ink Doodle
Face without Feature – Ink Doodle

Flight — Ink Doodle

These doodles were fun to do, and maybe I especially enjoyed them because I’m no longer thinking about Inktober and whether or not I should attempt it this year. With that decision already made — No, I’m not doing Inktober — I could relax, pick up my ink pens, and have fun. Each of these doodled drawings came to life through my marks: soaring, dancing, facing the future, living and growing.

I loved feeling their rhythm. I hope you enjoy these whimsical creations.


    1. LOL. I painted those same potted plants last summer for the 30 x 30 direct watercolor challenge. They’re really quite lovely, and unlike some models, they actually sit still. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been visiting “Zen doodle” websites. You might also check out “Zentangles” — it’s much the same idea. Usually I just doodle without trying to create any recognizable object, but for these, I started with an idea of “something”. I made vague marks to suggest the shapes — like the bird in flight or the female body — and then just doodled around to connect the different lines. It’s very relaxing. It’s really helping me learn pen control. These were done with medium-tipped art pens. Give it a try!


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