Spooky Silhouettes

Ghosts in the Graveyard

Since doing my first Halloween silhouette drawing back in 2018, it’s become a fun part of my Halloween planning and decorating. I’ve enjoyed creating scenes of graveyards, ghosts, and haunted houses.

There are so many different “spooky silhouettes” we can create!

The House on the Hill

This year I’ve had a little help from our two youngest grandsons, Carsen and Madox, both nine years old.

The silhouette project might be a bit advanced for their age group, but Carsen and Madox love art and are quite talented. They definitely enjoyed our project today.

Walking Past the Graveyard

First we made watercolor washes. I chose traditional oranges for my silhouette. Madox opted for a very pale lavender — which doesn’t show up too well in his painting photo — and Carsen went with blue.

I think the hardest part of the whole project for these two boys was waiting for the washes to dry. I helped them along a bit with a blow dryer.

Here’s a look at Carsen and Madox as they worked on the project. I loved seeing how they helped one another out.

Carsen working on his silhouette drawing.
Madox working on his silhouette drawing
The boys worked together to practice drawing bats

And the results of our morning:

I’m struggling a bit here with the new WordPress “block editor” so I can’t really position all the photos the way I’d like.

We all began with the same concept — two houses and a spooky tree. We each added a moon, Madox decided to put craters on his moon, and Carsen followed suit but colored his in differently. Carsen began adding bats, showed Madox how to make them, and Madox went on to add graves, ghosts in the windows of his haunted house, spider webs, and a pumpkin.

I definitely think this will become part of our Halloween traditions. It was a lot of fun. I love making silhouette drawings like this, and sharing the experience with Carsen and Madox made it all the more special.


    1. Glad you like it. Glad, too, that you understand my frustrations with the new block editor! I recently had a similar thought… maybe it was time to just quit blogging. 😦 But I love this art community so much, and I enjoy being part of it. So, I’m going to keep at it, but I actually dread sitting down and writing blog posts now because it’s so difficult!


  1. Looks like fun you all had and I really like all the work you have all created.

    I have fell out with WP as already blogged about some time ago. This new editor is not an option for me and I now blog on Blogger with a new blog.
    As for my WP blog I am currently now on a months blogging break, although doing the odd post on my new one. Couldn’t resist. Then the only posts t come on my WP blog is December time. These were scheduled a couple of month ago and I still plan to let them go ahead. But my last post will be end of December and that’s it. But I will keep blog up still after that. I have no plans to remove it.

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    1. I came downstairs just now to write tomorrow’s blog post. I told my husband “I’m just going to write a quick post…” and then stopped. “Well, it used to be easy to write a quick post,” I explained. Now it’s nothing but one frustration after another. Even using the “Classic Block” is problematic. I absolutely HATE this new editor! Sorry to vent, but I’m sure you know just how I feel. 😦

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      1. I did Blogger in the past. I looked at it recently but I’ve gotten so accustomed to WP, it was hard to go back to the Blogger way. But… I did discover one trick just now. I went back to an old, old post and “copied it” then turned it into tomorrow’s post. It still made me use the “Classic Block” but it was much easier than usual, apparently because the text was already there. It seemed to help, so I’ll probably try it again! Happy blogging with Blogger! I might join you there!

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