Round and Round She Goes

Sometimes art is fun. I certainly enjoyed putting this art journal page together and making it my own. The idea comes from the recent Let’s Make Art journal subscription box. Most of the supplies I used were also from the box.

My Art Journal Page Inspired by “Abstract Expressions”

Here’s a link to the tutorial if you’d like to follow along and create your own version of “Abstract Expressions.”

As I watched, I worried about cutting out all those 2″ squares. I don’t have a good cutting mat or board. I’m dangerous and uncoordinated with Exacto knives — and scissors, as well. Rulers? Are you kidding me?

I didn’t want to give up and say, “Sorry, but I can’t do this.” So I looked for ways to do the project that would be better suited for me.

I began by using black ink to create a background for both pages in my journal. While it dried, I used the paints supplied for the project — a yellow liquid acrylic and a rosy pink watercolor — to create an abstract page on a sheet of cardstock. As it dried, I reached for my gansai set. I wanted a little more color. I chose sky blue. I didn’t use a lot, just enough to put a smile on my face. I allowed the paints to dry completely, then used the ink with a round watercolor brush to make various marks.

Once the cardstock was dry, I grabbed a template of circles. Using one of my Pitt Artists Pens, I outlined six 2″ circles. At this point, I was still undecided about what I would do on the second page.

Why not more circles? I liked the idea, so after cutting out my original circles, I used the template to draw additional circles in various sizes. After that, I grabbed my paper punch, opened it, and allowed all those old bits of paper — such lovely little circles — to spill out. I added them here and there, and when I was finished, I really liked what I’d done.

I hope someday I’m clever enough and artistically-inclined enough that I can complete my art journal pages without following a tutorial or borrowing ideas I’ve seen demonstrated. For me, this little project was a step in the right direction because while I followed the basic idea, I changed it to reflect my needs, and actually, to reflect my personality, too. I like circles, you see. I like circles much better than squares.

I’m happy with this art journal page, and being in a happy mood now… well, I think this day is going to be a very good one. Starting off with a fun art project is a great way to begin the day!


      1. I keep thinking about doing it, but probably not till next week, hubby and I are getting away for a few days to celebrate my birthday! I usually bring some art supplies when on vacation, but it’s so hard to be away from all my art stuff!!😂

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