Woman Walking in the Woods

Since I’ve recently been practicing creating depth in graphite drawings, I played with that same concept this morning in watercolor. I created several layers to — hopefully — show depth in the woods. I then added a few marks to represent a woman and a dog. I’m not sure how well they represent what they’re supposed to be.

Here’s my morning watercolor:

Woman in Woods

I enjoyed using these soft, misty colors, and I really liked working with the various layers of this watercolor. This was done with my new set ofΒ gansai.

I hope you like the painting.


    1. Let me know what you think of gansai when you try it. I purchased my set from St. Louis Art Supply (online). They have a good variety of gansai sets, and I felt the price was very reasonable. For Christmas, I think I’ll be getting myself a larger set with more colors. I really love them.

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      1. I like the convenience of lots of colors. I just checked Amazon. They have the Kuretaki Gansai sets there. The largest one is 48 colors, I believe, and it sells for $50.00. I think I know now what I’ll be getting myself for Christmas!


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