More Tangles

I’m certainly having fun with my tangles. I stop short of calling them “Zentangles” simply because I may or may not be following all the prescribed rules from the official Zentangle site. I don’t want to worry myself about whether or not I’m doing the right thing or doodling in the right way. I just want to sit down with my little squares, grab a pen or marker, and slip away into a blissful state of mind while I doodle about.

Here are a few of my recent tangles.

Small Tangles

I think my favorite is the center one on the top row. I love the simplicity of it, the stark contrast between the black and the white. All of these have been fun — and relaxing — to create.

Currently I’m reading Zentangle Recipes for Mindfulness — The Zennergy Experience by Sunali Shah. It contains patterns and diagrams for creating them, so I’m having fun trying different designs and then creating my own variations. In my tangles (above) you’ll notice that three are similar, based on criss-cross lines. These were inspired by the book.

What I’m learning about now is using a grid to create overall patterns. Grids can also be used in smaller areas for design purposes. This is what I’ll be practicing with today. Experienced zentangle artists also use shadings to create different auras — but I’m not to that point yet. I’m content to do simple, basic patterns. It’s become a pleasant part of my day. After a busy morning, I head upstairs with my squares and markers, I sit down, I relax, and I doodle away. It’s a great way to transition from my mornings in the studio to my afternoons as a homemaker.

Sometimes I add a bit of music. Sometimes I light incense. It is a blissful time, and with all the stress and tension in the world around us, I think we can all use a bit of bliss.

So, why not cut out a few squares — 3-1/2″ is the recommended size — and doodle along? Tangling is a great way to un-tangle from stress. As our grandson, Madox, often says, “Try it. You might like it.”



  1. Absolutely. This is my favourite ❤ Whenever I see a pen and a paper, I start doodling ☺ I love the details of your tangles, but I love the middle one on the top row more ❤ simple and classy 😃

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      1. I’m going to try out a new pattern later today, and yes, I will be posting examples very soon! I find “zen-doodling” very relaxing. It’s the best form of meditation for me.

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