Paper and Pencil

It’s nice to be home again, nice to be feeling better, and oh, so very nice to have my art studio here, ready and waiting for my return.

Of course, we don’t have to have an “art studio” in order to create art, and this is one of the primary reasons why art is so enjoyable. No matter where we are — inside or outside — we need only pick up a pencil, grab a piece of paper, and we’re off!

Just about anything will do in a pinch.

People have made beautiful drawings on napkins or tissue. You can use pencils or pens, and I suspect people have also used other mark-making tools from time to time. That’s what art is at it’s most basic form. Mark-making.

And so it was that even while I was hospitalized, I was still able to enjoy art. My husband brought me the latest issue of Artist magazine, a drawing pad, and a 2B pencil. That was all I needed to create a landscape drawing. After finishing the drawing I played with “photo filters” on my “smart phone” to change the marks to a sepia tone.

As simple as this drawing is, it was good practice for me. It gave me a chance to study lights and shadows, and even more importantly, it gave me an opportunity to be creative, even under less than ideal circumstances.

Creativity is a vital aspect of life, and visual art is a large part of creative expression. In many ways it is, perhaps, the simplest form of art. Whereas music and dancing require intruments and space, art requires only a means by which we can make a mark. Writing requires similar implements, but a far greater supply. Other art forms — textiles, ceramics, pottery, and more — require highly-specific equipment and a wide range of materials.

But art… oh, yes, art. Give me a piece of paper. Give me a pencil. And I will literally give you the world, or at least one small glimpse of it.


  1. This is a really beautiful image, and lovely post. I remember one of my art teachers at Bennington College held a nature walk one windy autumn day and we stopped on a dirt path and she drew a lovely landscape in the dirt with a stick. She said this is pretty much what all art is, and the wind almost immediately started to make it disappear. This image of fleeting art has always stayed with me.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words on my simple landscape drawing. Yes, art is really all about making marks, and “fleeting art” can come and go, sometimes so quickly we barely have time to recognize it as art. But it is art, indeed, and we can find art and create art wherever we go.

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    1. Yes! It feels good to be back in the studio doing a few easy little projects. I’m resting a lot, doing a lot of reading, and just having fun with art. Thanks so much for all the good thoughts!


    1. Yes, it’s nice that we can “take our art with us” wherever we go, because, as you’ve said, it’s really inside of us. I love that thought. 🙂


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